Center For Apostolic Pentecostal Studies

A Community of Apostolic Pentecostal Scholars Who Conduct Research Specific To The Pentecostal Movement

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About The Journal

What is CAPS?The Center for Apostolic Pentecostal Studies began in 2016 and is an organization of scholars dedicated to providing a forum of discussion for all academic disciplines as a spiritual service to the kingdom of God. The purpose of the society is to stimulate, encourage, recognize, and publicize the work of apostolic Pentecostal; to study the implications of Pentecostal theology in relation to other academic disciplines, seeking a Pentecostal world-and-life view; and to support fully, to the extent appropriate for an academic society. The Society also holds annual meeting for members and friends. Each meeting includes plenary sessions related to a particular theme, numerous paper sessions organized by discipline-based Interest Groups, worship, fellowship, and networking opportunities.

Apostolikos is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal devoted to the exploration of spiritual, cultural, political, social, and economic issues affecting Apostolic Pentecostals across the world. Our purpose is to provide for the development of Apostolic Pentecostal thought in a climate where we emphasize writings by Apostolic Pentecostal authors.

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Various Discussions

We invite manuscripts on a wide range of topics related to research on the Apostolic Pentecostal doctrine, especially in the following areas:

- Discourse(s) and other semiotic forms (e.g., genre, media, modes of delivery) shaping Apostolic teaching and learning

- Apostolic education and professional development
- Apostolic teacher professionalism (e.g., tenure, unions, etc.)
- Global, political, and economic forces shaping Apostolic teaching and learning
- Identity, power, and culture in the teaching and learning of Apostolic Doctrine
- Impact of new technologies on students’ learning practices
- Apostolic Missions and Intercultural Studies
- Ministry
- Apostolic Life